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Am I the only one checking calenders ??

Christmas bird
I am somewhat bemused but what normally smart people fall for . I have gotten the message below from 3 different people. Now one of them does tend to fall for anything but I was surprised by the other 2

"Sorry everyone, I'm not superstitious, but this year October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is money bags. So copy this to your status and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one ...who.... does not copy,......will be without money. I cannot let that person be me!! Copy within 11 min. Good Luck :) "

So umm yeah 
Really . check a calander .Any time Oct 1st falls on a friday we will have 5 each of fri Sat and Sun in the month. According to the calander the next time this will happen is 2021 Gee unless I am really bad on math that was a fast 823 years. Maybe something else in Oct happens only every 823 years but I am pretty sure this is not it.  BTW the last time there were 5 each in Oct was 1999. Gee the years do go by ;)

Time for poll again

camera lens
Hi All
It is that time again .If you can help me out if you are inclined by voting here
I had to miss 2 weeks due to time so if I don;t have enough votes I will be eliminated :(
Although if anyone is tired of the pleas here is a chance to stop them ;)

LJ shootout Symetry

Christmas bird

This weeks challenge 1st picture of something symetrical econd picture Assymetrical
!st pictrue i am at the beach this week and was struck by the line up of the deck chairs in the house we are renting .the cushions were partly blown off by last weeks storn i also like the juxtapostion with the lines of the fencing

Second was taken in may at a local garden park

LJshootout Temperature

camera lens

This weeks challenge Temperature 
Pictures shoudl represent temperatue with the second showing the opposite of the first
I caved and went somewhat unoriginal with Ice and Fire But I tried to include what creativitly I coudl come up with at midnight Both picture taken 9/23/10

1st picture
Blue ice shot with Olympus E30 at 45mm F3.5

2nd Fire shot with Macro lens 35mm at F 3.5

Sep. 22nd, 2010

Snoopy dance
I Can haz pavillion !!!  :)  Now to figure out where exactly to put it .
I am more an more tempted to get a storage unit although I really just need to get rid of stuff.


Vote for me :)

So those Photos I posted yest .I need anyone who is willing to go and vote (but only if you liked them even a littel :) )
There are some other nice pictures there as well and you can vote for as many as you want
So if you are so inclined here is the link :)

LJ shootout week 3

Christmas bird

Topic for the week is object and object in action. I love this bowl I found it at a clearence center last summer and having fun changing the "decor" the flowers will be changing out soon with some kind of autumn arrangement,I did this arrangement for the gate table at Golden rose tourney.

Both pictures were taken using a 35mm Macro lens with flash

The Object

in Action

LJ shootout

Christmas bird
So trying my first entry into LJ shootout.The prompt is to pick your favorite place to photograph from and then include a picture you took from the spot..This is part of a short wall and statue at the Netherlands cariliion near the Iwo Jima memorial and just outside Arlinton cemetary.

From here I can get pictures like this taken  Feb 28 (Hope it is OK I am 2 days over the 6 months deadlne)

Jul. 31st, 2010

snoopy rainshelter
My Uncle passed away this afternoon .It feels like a mixed blessings . I am sad he is gone but there is some relief that he only had to live a few weeks of being unable to care for himself. Kenneth was paralyzed as a child from polio he spent the rest of his life only to be able to walk with braces and crutches but he was one that never wanted  people to help unless absolutly necessary ..I am grateful that now he is with God and is once again sound of limb .I also feel torn. part of me feels I shoudl try and make the funeral  but I looked at airline fares though and the flights I could find were much more then last year when I went out for the other Uncles funeral.and after spending a significant amount on the car to make it ready for the trip up north .I feel selfish still wanting to go up for pennsic even though there is some part of ambivelent about that as well. I really need a vacation though that has been the only thing getting me through an awful work week .
Oy if only decisions could be simple

Is it spring yet ?

Christmas bird
Actually no I am not really fed up with winter yet but I am trying to get an early start on a spring cleaning of sorts.Otherwise known a trying to declutter my life.Progress is slow but I did start the day by taking 2 bags of clothes and another of paperbacks to the local thrift store.Then Mom and I went shopping, which leads to another reason I need to purge.
I have beenless then happy lately with the dinig room set up I have.It is not that I hate the furniture as much as it just does not work as well as I would like in the space .Also I decided it was time to upgrade form Ikea.So today I found a set I love at Bare Woods and ordered it.So now I need to find a home for the current table and bakers rack.Any one looking for anything or know of some one just starting out. The current table is a rectangle which has 2 drop leaves that folds out to a large oval.Since the drop leaves are each almost the same height as the table when is folds out it almost 3x its orginal size.
It will be 6-8 weeks before I get the new stuff so I have a little time to find a home but on the other hand now I have a little more motivation to pull down wall paper and paint maybe the sooner it is gone the better.
I am willing to give away to anyone who wants to come pick it up.otherwise I will probaly try craigs list or a local charity.

A little too close to home

bad news snoopy
I read this today...Yikes

Some of you out there go by here pretty often as well.
I think I am glad I opted not to accept an invite out that day it would have put me in the same area about the same time just the other direction
be careful out there

Well at least it is somewhere

I am beyond livid with the verizon customer service line right now. First time I ever called about email issues I started with MSN and was told I needed to call verizon as they are my ISP.
So I called verizon ,I may have lost count but my reckoning is disconnected 2 times before I ever talked to any one, transferred to the wrong service desk 5 times,On hold a combined total of at least 1 hour 20 minutes ,twice for 30 minutes at a time .When I finally got to the right support desk and an actual tech I was disconnected for a 3rd time .At least this time I had managed to talk to him long enough to give a call back number .So he tried to help me and we did discover that the address book did still exist on the MSNhome/hotmail just not on "MY MSN" in other words if I accessed MSN through Explorer I could get it .I just could not access it through the MSN browser.Ugh so after all this he finally transfered me (yet again) to .......MSN ,sigh I should have started there in the first place..Verizon is just lucky I like Fios so much or after tonight I might be sorely tempted to can them. Oh and I did try their online support while on one of the longer holds....worthless.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

I just tried to open my address book to find it completely blank, empty,void,lost in cyber world you name it.Every single contact wiped clean and I have not idea why. I have done nothing I can think of to make it disapear.and I am really pissed right now ,I have been working late all week, have way too much to do tonight and really don't have time to call customer support and sit on hold. I should not even be taking time to rant at this point. But this is just the crowning glory in a craptastic week.

Playing with pictures

camera lens
Finally downloaded pics from crown onto the computer.They were ..adequate. I really to find more time for practice.I just get bored with trying to find things around the house to practice on.I know one of my issues is getting white balance set right.Some of my pics come out with a blue cast because of not quite getting it set right.I did have an Aha moment the other day driving home. Fall has not been seemed to be the most vibrant for color this year.So I was surprised to see driving home the yesterday how some of the few trees in my neighborhood suddenly seemed much more vibrant then they had ,especially as it is now so late in the fall .Then I got home and took off the sunglasses oh wait what a difference.Guess I had not had them on as much lately, yep it was the polarizing on the sunglasses that made the colors jump so much.Duh, I have a polarizing filter. Why did I not think to use it before.Now I just have to find the time to try the theory before all the leaves are gone.Yesterday by the time I meet up with Sian for the baronial inventory and ran a few errands it was too late and I was too tired anyway.Today I was not feeling so well so never left the house and slept a good portion of the day.
Anyway I decided to play around with one of the bluish pics and had some fun playing withe effects layering and opacity.
Here is what I came up withCollapse )
Christmas bird
I now have the super power to make you look 10 to 20 years younger :)

OK so only in a picture and I still need more practice.But am having lots of fun in the photoshop class.Love love love the magic wand tool.!
Of course now I want to upgrade from Elements6 to CS4 since that is what the class uses.although most every tool covered so far is in Elements

Dear Bel

Oh shiny
After a week a mulling and drooling and some research I caved to temptation
.Show you saturday :)
(yes Penn was the evil temptor)

Well crap

Determined Darcy
So after several weeks of no sightings the mouse has put in another appearance .In fact it has been quite the gad about tonight as I spotted it skirting at least 4 of the traps set..guess first task tomorrow is to call the exterminator again.I am thinking this mouse does not like peanut butter :(


camera lens
Saturday I tried my first  photo workshop.This is different form the classes I took last fall. A workshop is basically a phot field trip wiht a professional photographer.So I got up at 4:30am Yes you heard me 4 am to head over to a Sunflower field on a wildlife management center in MD
Over all I learned a lot .Did not get as many good shots as I would have liked but I had a few tripod and camera issues .The tripod I managed to fix half way through .The one downside I am finding to a lot of these workshops is that the instructors mostly shoot with Nikon and a few with Canon.So far have yet to come across one the shoots Olympus which is what I have. Which means if there is a problem beyond the basic camera function and settings they are not familiar enough .That being said with a some tips and help from the instructor I did get a few good pictures
.Also part of the workshop is to send him 2 pictures for critique .So I sent 2 and got my feedback today . I got one good comment and one comment on improving .Actually I sent both thinking there would be elements he would suggest improvements on
So  I thought I would put the 2  sent for critique up here with his comments

Instructor comments
"First, I like the layering effect with the out of focus flower in the front. This makes a nice composition. However, the main flower is a "little" out of focus. I'm sure that you took more than one image, so check for a sharp one. If you did not, it's a lesson learned—always take more than shot of the subject." (Unfortuantly I did not .This is where I had issues with the shutter being slow in aperture priority .Although I did take the same shoot just a a foot or so further away)

Instructor comments
"Wow! This is a striking image. The backlighting and the background really accentuate the water droplets. Also, your image is technically well done—very sharp and a great specimen for a close-up."

(cool I actually expected to be told I could have done something better here to )

And to finish these were not critiqued but are my favorites

I just liked the mottled blue I got in the background

Somehow I almost expect to see faces

Jul. 22nd, 2009

tired bunny

So no mouse in trap yet but also no sighting as of yet.I am a feeling a little calmer about it after talking with the exterminator company this afternoon.They say it can take a week to 10 days for mice adjust to things being moved around .Apparently they are a bit  cautious to things being moved around .So I guess I just need to hold out a little longer.If it is still around in a week I call them back.I still have not found any kind of "nest" or regular hiding place.I don't think  I ever would have known I had a mouse if I had not actually seen the blasted thing .The droppings were so small and few and so far I have found nothing that looks like a mouse has been using it for a teething tool.I went through all the boxed food I had and it is all intact.
So trying to hold out and hold it together.I paid enough for this I really want it to work without resorting to the kind offer of friends to borrow animals.



A few weeks ago I was home watching TV when I noticed something move across the room in the corner of my eye.I watched where I thought I saw the gray streak go and discovered some how a mouse had gotten in .tried to chase it out no avail and could not find it again.So went to the store and got some of the live catch traps  did not really want to have to kill it .so set them and kept checking nothing. Was hoping maybe it left the house.then I had anohter bried siting so I tried to change the bait .I tried peanut butter, mouse attractent Even bacon (would'nt that have been ironic if it worked..still nothing .Last thursday  night it was back and quite the gad about tried again to chase it toward a trap or out the door..Soo decided it was the mouse or me and I pay the bills.I also am now paramoid because some of the reading I did on the internet said that in some circumstace mice damage has been known to cause fires .Did I ever mention I am paranoid about house fires So I got some recommendations and  I called an exterminator that will do rodents They came out on Saturday.He found what we think was the way in .The AC line in the house showed signs of being chewed and enough of an opening for it to get in .He also saw only minimal droppings so does not think it is more then one or two mice at most .So hole has been plugged but good ,my baseboards are littered with their  traps and  some of my  spending money for pennsic is gone.At least I did get a bug treatment for the rest of the house out of the deal.
 So now after 3 days of no sightings but nothng in the traps either .I just saw it running across the floor again .&*^*%^&!!!
I want this thing GONE NOW !!!
Am I overly optimistic that it would be resolved by now . Do I just need to be more patient and wait for the traps to work? This critter seems to have a way of avoiding them ?  THe exterminator will be back in a month but ...Is there anymore to do.
I have been seriously contemplating a getting a cat .But truthfully I like cats well enough but I am really not interested in the responsibility of a pet .Plus while I can be in the same room as cats after a few hours I start to feel a bit stuffy so am afraid that having a cat full time might set off more allergy issues. Plus the some of info I read said Cats are not always that sucessful in getting rid of them
The exterminator left me extra traps so maybe I will put a few more out. I really hate to be blood thirsty and honestly if it were just getting into food I would not be so freaked out ..Food can be thrown out and replaced cheaply ..chewed cords, appliance ,computers ...not so much


Christmas bird

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