Christmas bird

First born but not first

It has been a long time. I thought I would be back more then I have been But then I was never much of a big writer I have lots of words in my head but never able to get them down.
There has been something though weighing on me since Christmas. Perhaps I am making too much of things but the feelings just do not go away.
Parents may tell you that they have no favorites some may be truthful.In my family I have been aware for quite some time that my Dad does have a favorite and it is my sister.mostly I have mostly accepted this as they are more temperamentally alike.She is more up front and direct . I suffer from depression she does not .My dad does not really deal well with the tearful emotions I was more prone to growing up.Now add in she has the grand kids I do not .He is not particularly sentimental He is not really the hugging type although he will occ initiate a hug with my sister and the grand kids. If he hugs me it is only if I initiate it .There are a lot more complexities this is just a snapshot .
As a background as far as Christmas presents my Mom was always the one to get the gifts and then a several years ago we went to drawing names . So two years ago totally out of character My Dad give my sister and I each a heart necklace with a sentimental saying .I was touched by this being very unlike him .So now forward to this Christmas. My sister and I were each given a crystal like clock with the same saying as the necklaces he gave us before . I knew he was doing something as Mom had mentioned it .But this time as he handed them to us he had to "clarify" that the one to my sister was from him and the one for me was from my Mom. That little off handed comment has haunted me since.
I really don't understand why he felt he had to make that "clear" . The clock is still sitting in the box it came in. I cannot bring myself to open it again .Maybe someday but not now.
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Am I the only one checking calenders ??

I am somewhat bemused but what normally smart people fall for . I have gotten the message below from 3 different people. Now one of them does tend to fall for anything but I was surprised by the other 2

"Sorry everyone, I'm not superstitious, but this year October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This happens once every 823 years. This is money bags. So copy this to your status and money will arrive within 4 days. Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one ...who.... does not copy,......will be without money. I cannot let that person be me!! Copy within 11 min. Good Luck :) "

So umm yeah 
Really . check a calander .Any time Oct 1st falls on a friday we will have 5 each of fri Sat and Sun in the month. According to the calander the next time this will happen is 2021 Gee unless I am really bad on math that was a fast 823 years. Maybe something else in Oct happens only every 823 years but I am pretty sure this is not it.  BTW the last time there were 5 each in Oct was 1999. Gee the years do go by ;)

LJ shootout Symetry

This weeks challenge 1st picture of something symetrical econd picture Assymetrical
!st pictrue i am at the beach this week and was struck by the line up of the deck chairs in the house we are renting .the cushions were partly blown off by last weeks storn i also like the juxtapostion with the lines of the fencing

Second was taken in may at a local garden park

camera lens

LJshootout Temperature

This weeks challenge Temperature 
Pictures shoudl represent temperatue with the second showing the opposite of the first
I caved and went somewhat unoriginal with Ice and Fire But I tried to include what creativitly I coudl come up with at midnight Both picture taken 9/23/10

1st picture
Blue ice shot with Olympus E30 at 45mm F3.5

2nd Fire shot with Macro lens 35mm at F 3.5
Snoopy dance

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I Can haz pavillion !!!  :)  Now to figure out where exactly to put it .
I am more an more tempted to get a storage unit although I really just need to get rid of stuff.

LJ shootout week 3

Topic for the week is object and object in action. I love this bowl I found it at a clearence center last summer and having fun changing the "decor" the flowers will be changing out soon with some kind of autumn arrangement,I did this arrangement for the gate table at Golden rose tourney.

Both pictures were taken using a 35mm Macro lens with flash

The Object

in Action


LJ shootout

So trying my first entry into LJ shootout.The prompt is to pick your favorite place to photograph from and then include a picture you took from the spot..This is part of a short wall and statue at the Netherlands cariliion near the Iwo Jima memorial and just outside Arlinton cemetary.

From here I can get pictures like this taken  Feb 28 (Hope it is OK I am 2 days over the 6 months deadlne)
snoopy rainshelter

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My Uncle passed away this afternoon .It feels like a mixed blessings . I am sad he is gone but there is some relief that he only had to live a few weeks of being unable to care for himself. Kenneth was paralyzed as a child from polio he spent the rest of his life only to be able to walk with braces and crutches but he was one that never wanted  people to help unless absolutly necessary ..I am grateful that now he is with God and is once again sound of limb .I also feel torn. part of me feels I shoudl try and make the funeral  but I looked at airline fares though and the flights I could find were much more then last year when I went out for the other Uncles funeral.and after spending a significant amount on the car to make it ready for the trip up north .I feel selfish still wanting to go up for pennsic even though there is some part of ambivelent about that as well. I really need a vacation though that has been the only thing getting me through an awful work week .
Oy if only decisions could be simple